Lopatnikoff, Nikolai. (1903–1976) [Van Heusen, Jimmy. (1913–1990)]

Autograph Musical Quotation for Van Heusen!

AMQS from the Russian-born composer,pianist, and teacher who has penned 4 bars on 3 staves from his Sonata N. 2 op. 32 for violin and piano in D major, inscribing to the eminent American composer James Van Heusen, Pittsburgh, 1963. On musical manuscript paper, 24 x 26 cm.

Jimmy Van Heusen was an American composer of songs from films and television and winner of FOUR Academy Awards. He won the 1944 Academy for Best Original Song for "Swinging on a Star."

A student of Ernst Toch, Lopatnikoff worked closely with famed conductor Sergey Koussevitsky until Koussevitsky's death. A professor of composition at Carnegie-Mellon University in Pittsburgh for 25 years, he was twice awarded a Guggenheim Fellowship and was elected to the National Institute of Arts and Letters in 1963. Lopatnikoff's music has been described as a blend of late nineteenth-century Russian nationalism and the leaner twentieth-century neo-Classical sounds of Hindemith and Stravinsky. His output includes the opera Danton (1932), a pair of piano concertos (both premiered by Lopatnikoff), four symphonies, and a great deal of chamber and piano music. (11111)

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