Corelli, Arcangelo. (1653–1713)


London: J. Walsh and I. Hare,. [1715]. Second (first English) edition. Concerti grossi. Con duoi violini, e violoncello di concertino obligati, e duoi altri violini, viola, e basso di concerto grosso, ad arbitrio, che si potranno radoppiare. Opera sesta. XII great concertos, or sonatas, for two violins and a violincello: or for two violins more, a tenor, and a thorough bass: which may be doubled at pleasure. Being the sixth and last work of Arcangelo Corelli. 7 volumes (parts): Violino Primo Del Concertino; Violino Primo del Concertino Grosso; Violino Secondo ; Violino Secondo del Concertino Grosso; Alto Viola; and Violoncello del Concertino. Removed from bound volumes (sometimes with previous owner’s white tape strip over inner margin of title and last page). Ink notation on scores, "F. Cockerel." Very minor scattered foxing, mostly very crisp and fine throughout. Smith 466.

Corelli's best-known set of concertos. The Concerto grosso in G minor, Op. 6, No. 8, known commonly as the Christmas Concerto, was commissioned by Cardinal Pietro Ottoboni and published posthumously in 1714 as part of his Twelve concerti grossi, Op. 6. The concerto bears the inscription "Fatto per la notte di Natal"e ("Made for the night of Christmas"). Its composition date is uncertain, but there is a record of Corelli having performed a Christmas concerto in 1690. (11137)