[Anatomy] Seiller, Johann Georg. (1663 - 1740)

Two Anatomical Engravings

Two anatomical engravings by J. G. Seiller, showing a standing male figure whose major muscles are made visible and labeled with their Latin name, each figure oriented in relation to a tree. The engravings numbered "Tab. VI" and "Tab VII" at the upper right. The first shows the figure turned to the left, with one arm raised, and with a framed image at the left showing details of internal organs; the second shows the figure from behind, with a framed image showing a hand and leaves. Toning and foxing, and wear around the edges; overall fine. 11 x 17.5 inches (28 x 44.5 cm).

J. G. Seiller provided a series of similar anatomical engravings for Tabulae Anatomicae by Bartholomeo Eustachii (1716) but the present examples are not from that publication and we have been unable to discern the published volume from which they were removed. (17461)

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