[Psalm Book] [Bishop, John. (1665–?1737)]

Manuscript Psalm Book, ca. 1733

Manuscript psalm book, England, 18th century. Signed on both pastedown pages by one Stephen Sandercock on "September the 9th 1733" multiple times and in various styles and scripts, suggesting that the book belonged to a student; the same is suggested by awkward spellings (including "Pslam" instead of "Psalm", fol. 3r.). The book contains untexted tenor and bass parts to psalm tunes on the recto pages, as well as several psalm and hymn texts copied on the verso pages, and a few bass lines with text underlaid on the last pages. The music and text is entered in various distinct hands. Most of the verso pages are blank. 

Most of the tunes are identified by their traditional names. If these tunes, such as "Wanford" (Psalm 1), "Southampton" (Psalm 2) or "Bedford" (Psalm 112) also appear in John Bishop's A set of New Psalm Tunes in Four Parts (London, 1710), both the tenor and the bass lines are identical with Bishop's, even though some are transposed and the tunes are not always assigned to the same psalms as in Bishop's publication. Approx. 84 pp. of music total; tables of contents on the first page and on the final pages. 

Autograph pagination counts leaves: 1-42, 44-81 (47 occurs twice); first four extant leaves and final 11 extant leaves unnumbered. A few leaves appear cut (including no. 43). The binding of the final unpaginated leaves is skewed, and these leaves are frayed at the upper outer edge. Rude full leather binding quite worn but holding strong, overall fine. 6.5 x 4 inches (16 x 10 cm). (18142)

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