Auric, Georges. (1899-1983) & Chagall, Marc. (1887-1985)

Original Photograph Examining Chagall's New Opéra Ceiling

Superb original black and white 1964 photograph of the French composer looking upwards with artist Marc Chagall at the Opéra de Paris.  The ceiling area, which surrounds the chandelier, was given a new painting in 1964 by Chagall.  Though it proved controversial, many people feeling Chagall's work clashed with the style of the rest of the theatre, the painting remains there today.  Auric, part of the famous Les Six, was director of the Opéra from 1962.  In fine condition.  7 x 9.2 inches (18 X 23.5 cm.) (1898)

Unsigned Photograph
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