Hicks, Sir John. (1904–1989)

"I am afraid I do not much care for debates; I am not at all good at them as I know very well." - Typed Letter Signed

TLS from the important British economist, who has signed in green ink, to Professor Irma Antonetto of the Associazione Culturale Italiana, declining an invitation to speak.  13th May 1976; 1 pp., on stationary for All Souls College, Oxford.  "Dear Professor Antonetto,/  You wrote to me on April 12 asking if I would be willing to take part in a Series of Debates next winter.  I have been away in Australia and Honk Gonk so I have only just got your letter.  Please excuse my delay in replying.  I am afraid I do not much care for debates; I am not at all good at them as I know very well.  I have other things which I want to do during the coming months, so that I fear I would not have time to prepare myself in any case.  So I am afraid I must decline the invitation./  Yours sincerely,/  [Signature]/ Professor Sir John Hicks."  Two holes to left margin, light horizontal mailing crease, else in very fine condition.  6 x 8.25 inches (15.2 x 21 cm.).

Hicks is considered one of the most important economists of the 20th Century, having made substantial contributions to both micro- and macroeconomics

Irma Antonetto (1920-1993), was founder and director of the Associazione Culturale Italiana [Association of Italian Culture] for 46 years, during which time she brought some 400 philosophers, writers, scientists, artists, and Nobel winners to lecture in Italy. She was recipient of the 1964 Cavaliere al merito della Repubblica italiana. (19032)

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