Huyghe, René. (1906–1997)

Collection of Correspondence

Collection of letters, including three typed letters signed and one autograph letter signed, from the French writer to Professor Irma Antonetto of the Associazione Culturale Italiana regarding possible speaking engagements between the years of 1959 and 1962.  Across three letters Huyghe laments his inability to commit to a speaking date, whether because he is finishing the third volume of L'Art et l'Homme (Paris, 20 July 1959; 1 pp. on A4 paper), he expects to be in Canada during the proposed dates (Paris, 16 March 1961; 1 pp. on A4 Collège de France stationary), or he is in the process of moving and cannot leave Paris (Paris, 11 February 1962; 1 pp. on A4 Académie Française stationary).  He wryly notes in the latter letter, translated from the French in part, "Moving such enormous quantities of books and documents accumulated over the years has thrown me a great deal of work."  Expected mailing folds, else fine.  Together with a small autograph note dated only "3 August."  Fine.  4.5 x 3.5 inches (11.4 x 8.9 cm.).  Prior to these letters, in the spring of 1958, Huyghe gave a lecture at the ACI entitled "L'âme sécrète des grand peintres."

René Huyghe wrote about the history, psychology, and philosophy of art, in addition to working as a curator at the Louvre and teaching at the Collège de France.  In 1960 he became a member of the Académie Française.

Irma Antonetto (1920-1993), was founder and director of the Associazione Culturale Italiana [Association of Italian Culture] for 46 years, during which time she brought some 400 philosophers, writers, scientists, artists, and Nobel winners to lecture in Italy. She was recipient of the 1964 Cavaliere al merito della Repubblica italiana. (19139)

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