Stravinsky, Igor. (1882–1971) & Stravinsky, Vera. (1888–1982) & Claudel, Paul. (1868–1955) & Manziarly, Marcelle de. (1899–1989)

Autograph Musical Quotation Signed

AMQS of four notes penned over four measures in mixed treble and bass clefs, written by the composer in blue fountain pen ink on an album page fancifully dated "le 17 Octobre 1942," and labelled "El Retiro," the Santa Barbara residence of Pierre and Michelle Mérillon, friends of the composer.  Stravinsky has signed the page twice, initialing his quotation "IStr" and signing in full "Igor Stravinsky" in a list of others guest signatures, including that of his wife Vera Stravinsky;  French poet, dramatist and diplomat Pierre Paul Claudel; his wife Marion Cartier Claudel, daughter of Pierre Cartier of the three legendary Cartier brothers jewelry firm; French pianist Marcelle de Manziarly; Georgette Boyer Sachs and Emilie F. Senger. 5.5 x 7.75 inches (14 x 19.5 cm.). In fine condition

The wealthy socialite Pierre Clinch Merillon (1899 - 1991) and the Comtesse Michelle D'Oultremont (1904 - 1977) were married in 1930. Their home in Santa Barbara was a gathering place for luminaries living in or visiting CA.  (19152)

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