[Children's Ballet] Ravel, Maurice. (1875–1937) & Ferroud, Pierre-Octave. (1900–1936) & Ibert, Jacques. (1890–1962) & Roland-Manuel, Alexis. (1891–1960) & Delannoy, Marcel. (1898–1962) & Roussel, Albert. (1869–1937) & Milhaud, Darius. (1892–1974) & Poulenc, Francis. (1899–1963) & Auric, Georges. (1899–1983) & Schmitt, Florent. (1870–1858)

"L'Eventail de Jeanne" - Sheet Music

Paris: Heugel. 1948. First Edition.

Folio. Original dark ivory wrappers present. 1f. (recto note on first performance, verso blank), 1f. (recto title printed in red and black, verso blank), 1f. (recto cast list, etc., verso blank), 1f. (recto contents, verso publisher's note), 70 pp.  Comprises ten pieces by different composers:

- Fanfare (Ravel)
- Marche (Ferroud)
- Valse (Ibert)
- Canarie (Roland-Manuel)
- Bourrée (Delannoy)
- Sarabande (Roussel)
- Polka (Milhaud)
- Pastourelle (Poulenc)
- Rondeau (Auric)
- Kermesse-Valse (Schmitt)

Wrappers slightly chipped. Minor browning and occasional creasing, else fine.

A collaboration among ten composers, L'Eventail de Jeanne (Jean's Fan) was commissioned by Jeanne Dubost as a children's ballet to be performed by the students of Mme. Dubost's ballet company. The one-act ballet features ten scenes, each a stylized dance with music by a different composer that "unfolds" like a fan through the evening. At the public premiere, at the Opéra in Paris in 1929, the leading role was performed by then 10-year-old Tamara Toumanova in her Paris debut, a young ballerina who would go on to become an international star.

"Throughout classical music history, 'omnibus' compositions have been rather rare – and for the most part, they’ve been forgotten shortly after their celebrated premieres...The roster of composers who contributed music to this ballet reads like a “Who’s Who” of the Parisian classical music scene of the time...What brought these ten composers together to create this work?  The answer lies in the “Jeanne” of the ballet’s title.  This is one Jeanne Dubost, a popular Parisian hostess and patroness of the arts.  Popular legend has it that Mme. Dubost presented leaves from her fan to these composers, asking each of them to compose a short dance number for her pupils. The reality is a tad less flamboyant:  In order to thank their hostess for her pleasant gatherings of artists and politicians, Ravel, Roussel and Schmitt decided – along with their junior compatriots Auric, Delannoy, Ferroud, Ibert, Milhaud, Poulenc and Roland-Manuel – to surprise Mme. Dubost with a suite of dances performed at her home by the young dancers of her school." (Phillip Nones, "L'Eventail de Jeanne: When Florent Schmitt teamed up with his compatriots to create an 'omnibus' ballet (1927)", florentschmitt.com; October 20, 2013.)


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