Stravinsky, Igor. (1882–1971)

Signed and Other Original Photographs from the collection of Miranda Levy

Collection of photographs of and relating to the great composer from the collection of Miranda Levy, founding member of the Santa Fe Opera and wife of pioneering television director Ralph Levy. The collection includes a postcard photograph of Marino Marini's 1951 bust sculpture of Stravinsky, inscribed in red pencil "To Miranda / Igor Stravinsky" adding in blue pencil "Kisses in blue"; three original photographs taken during rehearsals for a 1957 production of The Rake's Progress at Sante Fe Opera in New Mexico (various sizes, largest 8 x 10 inches); original candid photograph of the composer's wife Vera Stravinsky; candid color polaroid photograph of the composer with friends taken in Venice, Italy in 1960.  Together with Typed Letter Signed from Janet Wells to Miranda Levy (January 26, 1984;  1 pp. on Congdon & Weed stationary) reading in part "Enclosed are the photographs of Stravinsky you loaned us for our forthcoming publication."  Overall in fine condition.

Levy "met Stravinsky at the Aspen, Colorado Music Festival in 1950, then hosted him on a New Mexico visit…[When] the composer let it be known he was interested in D.H. Lawrence [Miranda] introduced Stravinsky to Lawrence's widow…[Miranda and Ralph Levy] moved to Los Angeles and bought a house less than a block from Stravinsky's…Just as she had once kept Santa Feans up to date on the latest news and gossip, she now regaled Igor and Vera Stravinsky with daily updates on movie studio gossip." (Albuquerque Journal)

"Few 20th-century composers enjoyed international influence and importance equal to that of Stravinsky. This influence exists in the materials of his music and in his rigorous search for an individual sound… For many years he was, with Schoenberg, one of the two unofficial poles of Western music" (ANB) (19569)

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