[Landscape Box] Apollo Studios.

Brass Humidor Cigar Box, ca. 1910-20

Small brass humidor cigar or cigarette box by Apollo Studios of New York, crafted ca. 1910-20 and featuring a detailed hammered relief landscape design of trees and overlapping hills covering all four sides and lid. Stamped APOLLO STUDIOS / NEW YORK / 710 to the bottom.  In fine condition.  3.6 inch cube. 

"Apollo Studios of New York was a division of Bernard Rice's & Sons and items marked with the Apollo stamp were made from 1909 until 1922. These pieces are usually marked with Apollo Studios NY followed by a mold number. In 1872, the Apollo Silver Co. merged with the bankrupt Redfield & Rice Co, and formed Bernard Rice's Sons. Bernard Rice's & Sons. Apollo Studios was a contemporary of L. C. Tiffany Studios, New York and produced desk sets, humidors and other fine pieces of copper, brass and gilded brass. Apollo Studios products were sold in the well known Ovington's store on Fifth Avenue."