Haring, Keith. (1958–1990)

Original Drawing on 100 Belgian Franc Note

Original felt tip sketch on a 100 Belgian Franc note, accomplished by the American graffiti artist and social activist known for his instantly recognizable visual language of dancing figures and his work bridging the gap between high and low art.  Haring's lively sketch to the right of the printed image of Belgian architect Hendrik Beyaert, shows a windsurfing figure gliding through waves and is signed to the lower left, "K. Haring / Knokke 88 ." A few stray marks and fingerprints in ink, else fine.  5.6 x 3 inches (14.2 x 7.6 cm.).

By invitation of Roger Nellens in the summer of 1987, Haring traveled to Knokke, Belgium, where he was commissioned to paint a mural. Nellens intended to continue the legacy of his father and brother who had also commissioned René Magritte and Paul Delvaux, respectively. While in Belgium, Haring found the side of a large sea container that stored surfboards for the Channel Surf Club. Painted in a single day, with two pots of black and red paint, Haring completed a mural (which is unfortunately now lost) depicting swimmers riding the crashing tides, advancing towards the mouth of a monstrous sea god that will surely consume them.  Haring had also learned surfing during his time at the Surf Club and stayed at a dragon-shaped house in Nellsens' backyard; an experience which he later noted in his diary as "surreal".  The artist returned to Knokke every summer until his death in 1990. (19805)

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