[Opera] Groves, Charles. (1915–1992) & Ramey, Samuel. (b. 1942) & Turner, Eva. (1892–1990) & Horne, Marilyn. (b. 1934) & Alvary, Lorenzo. (1909–1996) & Baker, Janet. (b. 1933) & Ludwig, Christa. (1928–2021) & Pavarotti, Luciano. (1935–2007) & Quilico, Gino. (b. 1955) & Jones, Gwyneth. (b. 1936) & Scotto, Renata. (b. 1934)

Collection of Signed Photographs

Grouping of thirteen photographs signed by various luminaries of the opera world, including conductor Charles Groves, who has inscribed "Yours sincerely / Charles Groves / 1988;" bass Samuel Ramey; two identical photographs in different sizes of dramatic soprano Eva Turner as Turandot, both inscribed "To Paul B. Pearson, / all best wishes, / Eva Turner, (Turandot);" a J. Heffernan photograph of mezzo-soprano Marilyn Horne in L'Italiana in Algeri, signed and dated 1990; a humorous photograph of bass Lorenzo Alvary in costume for a production of Der Rosenkavalier, inscribed "To Paul Pearson with best / wishes Lorenzo Alvary / 'Baron Ochs';" mezzo-soprano Janet Baker, who has inscribed "Greetings from Janet Baker;" a dramatic signed photograph of mezzo-soprano Christa Ludwig; two identical Decca headshots in different sizes of tenor Luciano Pavarotti, who has inscribed "To Paul / con ricordo / Luciano Pavarotti" to the smaller of the two photographs and simply "To Paul" to the larger; a Winnie Klotz photograph of baritone Gino Quilico in costume for Licia di Lammermoor; a striking portrait photograph of soprano Gwyneth Jones, who has inscribed "For Paul B. Pearson / with all best wishes / Gwyneth Jones" over a dark area of the photograph; and finally a signed photograph of soprano Renata Scotto, who has inscribed "To Paul...Renatta Scotto / 1985."  In fine to very fine condition. (19944)

Signed Photograph