Grant, Cary. (1904–1986) & Parker, Suzy. (1932–2003)

"Gosh! The things a guy gets paid for!" - Photograph from "Kiss Them for Me"

International News Photos photograph of Cary Grant and Suzy Parker engaged in a passionate kiss during a screen test for the 1957 film Kiss Them for Me.  A press blurb affixed to verso reads "Gosh! The things a guy gets paid for! / Hollywood, Cal.........That osculating clinch at left is part of a screen test of fashion model Suzy Parker under consideration for a featured role in 20th Century Fox film Kiss Them for Me.  Suzy appears to be putting a lot of voltage into the effort.  The photo at right gives you a look at the chap who made the test with her.  Yes.  It's Cary Grant, star of the picture, and he still looks slap-happy after the high-powered buss."  The second referenced photograph, "the photo at right," is absent.  Photographer's stamp to verso.  In fine condition.  8 x 10 inches (20.3 x 25.4 cm.).

Parker, a model turned actor, was ultimately cast in the role of Gwinneth Livingstone, Grant's love interest in the film.  She would remain active in the film industry through 1970. We particularly adore the uncommon usage in the blurb of the term "Osculate", more commonly encountered in the field of mathematics in reference to the point where two curves touch, sharing a common tangent at the point of contact. (19973)

Unsigned Photo
Unsigned Photograph