[Boxing] Carnera, Primo. (1906–1967)

"'Da Preem' Shows Dad the 'K.O.' Wallop" - Photograph

Charming International News Photos photograph of the Italian heavyweight boxer posing with his father.  A typed press blurb to verso reads, "Sequals, Italy...This quiet little village is proud of its first citizen, Primo Carnera, current World's Heavyweight Champion and is glad that the big boy is back again in their midst, enjoying the rustic retreat that is the Carnera ancestral domicile.  Here is 'Da Preem' himself giving his dad a practical demonstration of the art of fisticuffs, and demonstrating the lethal punch with which he won the title from Jack Sharkey, and—sadly, it must be mentioned—also with which he failed to rock the ancient and somewhat battle-scarred warrior Paulino Uzoudun to sleep in their meeting in Rome a few days ago. / K-10-27-33."  Photographer's stamp and ink to verso, else in fine condition.  6.5 x 8.5 inches (16.5x 21.6 cm.).

Camera reigned as World Heavyweight Champion from June 29, 1933 to June 14, 1934.  He holds the record for most wins by knockout, with an astonishing 72. (19978)

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