[Music History]

"Music Club" Notebook - 1909

Charming unidentified "music club" notebook from 1909–1910, probably Boston, containing handwritten notes and printed club handouts related to music and music history.  The opening pages, dated "Meeting of Nov 8," contain notes regarding counterpoint and harmony.  Handouts throughout provide an insight into the focus of each meeting, with titles such as "Folk Music," "The Epoch of Vocal Counterpoint," "The Rise of Secular Music," "Bach, Handel and Gluck," "The Beginnings of Modern Instrumental Music," "Mozart," "The Transition to the Romantic Style," "The Transition to the Romantic Period," and two final sessions both concerning "The Great Nineteenth Century Romanticists."  The club's texts of choice were Clarence Hamilton's Outlines of Music History and John Henry Cornell's Musical Form, both of which are referenced as a resource throughout.  Looseleaf lined paper bound with brass fasteners.  Wear to edges, else in fine condition. (20020)

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