[Teagarden, Jack. (1905–1964)] Crosby, Bing. (1903–1977) & Edwards, Ralph. (1913–2005)

Archive of Photographs and Letters from Teagarden biographer

Archive of photographs, clippings, and letters from the collection of Howard J. Waters, author of the 1960 book Jack Teagarden's Music: His Career and Recordings.  The archive includes two photographs of Teagarden, three clippings from unidentified sources, and three letters, including typed letters signed from Bing Crosby and This Is Your Life host Ralph Edwards.  All present items in fine condition, all three letters also including the original transmissal envelopes.

The TLS from Crosby (August 1, 1956; 1 p. on personal stationary), who frequently worked with Teagarden, appears to be in response to an inquiry from Waters about interest in publishing his book. In part, "Sorry, we do not have a publishing organization and therefore will be unable to do anything for you with regard to your book on Jack Teagarden."  The TLS from Ralph Edwards (Undated; 1 p. on This Is Your Life stationary) is in response to Waters' suggestion of Teagarden as a subject for the program. It reads, in part, "Thank you for your very welcome letter suggesting a Principal Subject for This Is Your Life. / Due to the large audience which television affords, we receive thousands of suggestions each week.  From this vast amount we have the task of selecting only thirty-nine Subjects for actual telecasting during the season.  We know you will understand when we tell you that our schedule is completely filled for the current season and many weeks beyond."

The final letter is a lengthy autograph letter signed from Tim Kelly, the manager of a piano dealership in Ridgeland, Mississippi who appears to have been a collaborator and/or friend of Jack Teagarden.  3/19/1983;  3 pp. on Allegrezza Piano Company stationary.  Kelly writes, in part, "I am delighted to know you are adding to the book, for in my opinion Jack deserves more credit than he will ever get.  You are to be congratulated on your real and sincere interest in making the public aware of his greatness." (20027)

Unsigned Photo/Portrait
Unsigned Photograph