Brahms, Johannes. (1833–1897) [Henschel, George (1850–1934)]

"For once in a way Simrock is right!" - Autograph Letter to George Henschel

Autograph letter in German, signed “JB,” one page, postmarked Vienna, April 18,1894. Addressed to his close friend George Henschel, musician of many talents who was a great conductor, composer, and baritone and playfully mentioning the music publisher Fritz Simrock in Berlin.  In full: "Dear Friend / For once in a way Simrock is right! I am not in the least and not by a long way, the only one who is rejoicing in your coming. Welcome! Hotel Tegetthof, Vienna, 1 Johannes Street, I can recommend. So goodbye 'til our next happy meeting. / Yours, JB".  Minor losses and wear to edges; overall fine.  5 x 6.25 inches (12.7 x 15.9 cm.).

Henschel and Brahms met in 1874 and soon became very close friends. In 1881, Henschel became the Boston Symphony Orchestra's first conductor. In 1884, he returned to England and was professor of singing at the Royal College of Music, London. A close friend of Brahms through his life, he was a man of many musical talents, a great conductor, composer, and baritone. (20502)

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