[20th-century Composers] Argento, Dominick. (1927–2019) & Babbitt, Milton. (1916–2011) & Carter, Elliott. (1908–2012) & Crumb, George. (1929–2022) & Dello Joio, Norman. (1913–2008) & Husa, Karel. (1921–2016) & Martino, Donald. (1931–2005) & Orff, Carl. (1895–1982) & Schuller, Gunther. (1925–2015) & Wuorinen, Charles. (1938–2020)

Ten Signed BMI Works List Brochures of 20th-century Composers

An interesting collection of ten signed brochures, each featuring one twentieth-century composer, generally with a lengthy bio and list of works composed to date of issue. Issued by Broadcast Music, Inc. (BMI for short) and inscribed/signed to title unless stated otherwise. Each 9 x 4 inches (23 x 9.5 cm). Generally in fine condition, as described: 
Argento.  Issued by Boosey & Hawkes, ca. 1966.  Inscribed, "for Steve Juscik, all best wishes, Dominick Argento."
Babbitt.  Issued 1965.  Inscribed, "For Benny Andrews, from Milton Babbitt, 9/6/79."
Carter.  Issued 1976.  Inscribed to penultimate page, "For Benny Andrews /Elliott Carter."
Crumb.  Issued 1975.  Signature only.
Dello Joio.  Issued 1978.  Signature only.  Crease to head.
Husa.  Issued 1977.  Signature and date, "September 1982," to final page.
Martino.  Issued 1978.  Signature only, to head of inside cover.
Orff. Issued 1972.  Signature only, to inside (this brochure folded, not stapled)
Schuller.  Issued 1977.  Signature only.
Wuorinen.  Issued 1968.  Signature only. (22497)

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