Beethoven, Ludwig van. (1770–1827)

Quatuor pour 2 Violons Alto & Violoncelle Composé & dédié à son ami Johann Wolfmeier... Oeuvre posthume. Oeuv. 135. No. 17 des Quatuors

Berlin: Ad. Mt. Schlesinger... Paris: Maurice Schlesinger: [Sept. 1827]. First edition, second issue. Engraved folio, in parts [engraved throughout]. [PN] 1444. Vl I: 1f. (title), 2-11 pp; Vl II: 9 pp; Va: 9 pp.; Vc: [1] (blank), 2-8 pp. With printed initials "FJ" to lower right corner of title, possibly those of the engraver. All parts in very fine condition with scattered light foxing and toning, housed in custom green cloth clamshell box. Kinsky-Halm p. 410. Hirsch IV, 412. Dorfmüller-Weinhold p. 234. Hoboken 2, 528.

Composed in October of 1826, Beethoven's F Major Quartet was the last substantial work he finished, with only the last movement of the Quartet op. 130, written as a replacement for the Grosse Fuge, written later. Under the introductory slow chords in the last movement Beethoven wrote in the manuscript "Muss es sein?" (Must it be?) to which he responds, with the faster main theme of the movement, "Es muss sein!" (It must be!). The whole movement is headed "Der schwer gefasste Entschluss" (The Difficult Resolution). (5550)

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