Barrie, J.M. (1860 - 1937)

Autograph Letter Regarding "Peter Pan."

Fine autograph letter from the Scottish Novelist and creator of Peter Pan. Signed "J M Barrie," two pages, 8vo, Leicester Corner, Lancaster Gate, London, 13th April 1905, to Mrs. Pogson. Barrie writes: "There must be some mistake as I have been in communication with no one about the German version of Peter Pan. However, I presume it means that Mr Bright has done so in my name, as he is entitled to do. I shall send him on your card, and it will be a pleasure to me if this matter is answered as you propose. If I am in London at the same time as you I shall be pleased to see you.." Usual horizontal fold, overall in very fine condition.
Arthur Addison Bright (1861-1906), Barrie's agent and personal friend, killed himself when irregularities in the payment of royalties to his clients surfaced.

Berta Pogson translated some of J. M. Barrie's works into German, with Peter Pan becoming "Peter Gerneklein." Peter Gerneklein's erster Christbaum was published in Berlin in 1910.

Letters by Barrie referring to his most famous creation are extremely rare and desirable. (5964)

Autograph Letter