[American Avant-garde] Sessions, Roger. (1896-1985)

Signed Biography

Signed 1965 BMI biography/catalogue by the important American composer. 22 pages of biographical information, photographs, musical excerpts and a catalogue of works, signed on the inside front cover over a printed excerpt from his Third Symphony. Very fine. 19 x 22.5 cm.

A musical prodigy, Sessions studied at Harvard University from the age of 14 and subsequently edited the Harvard Musical Review until his graduation four years later. Further studies at Yale were with Horatio Parker and Ernest Bloch. Sessions was one of the most influential teachers of the century and taught at Princeton, UC Berkeley, and Juilliard. His students included Babbitt, Maxwell Davies, Tredici, Harbison, Helps, Zwillich and many others. Also a prolific composer, his many fine works include nine symphonies. (6935)

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