[Covent Garden] [Callas, Maria. (1923–1977)] [Sutherland, Joan. (1926–2010)] [Vickers, Jon. (1926–2015)] Fonteyn, Margot. (1919–1991) etc.

1958 Satin Royal Opera House Covent Garden Centenary Programme

Rare original deluxe program printed on satin for the Royal Opera House Centenary performance in the presence of Her Majesty the Queen and Duke of Edinburgh, Tuesday June 10th, 1958.  The performance included performances by Callas, Sutherland, Vickers and others, under the batons of Kubelik, Downes, Pritchard and others, as well as ballet performances by Fonteyn, Ashton, Nerida and others.  11 x 21 inches, produced by British Nylon Spinners Ltd., designed by Pater Hatch, Royal Coat of Arms drawn by Rex Whistler and Printed by William Clowes & Sons Ltd. on Nylon Satin.  Toned and with some stray threads around the edges, but overall in very good condition. (7907)

Program, unsigned