Riisager, Knudage. (1897 - 1974)

Rare Signed Postcard Caricature

Scarce signed postcard caricature postcard of the Danish composer who studied with Roussel and was an associate of Ravel, Stravinsky, and Les Six during the 1920s in Paris. He cultivated a French-inspired treatment of instrumentation and timbre, which set him apart from contemporary Nordic composers, and his Neo-Classical ideology put him at odds with much of the modernistic German music of the day. "Oddness is a pathological phenomenon in art, an element that leads to a constant widening of the gap between art and humanity," Riisager wrote. "While distinctiveness is an expression of artistic strength, odd music has no future. Society does not want it and has no use for it... Art is not for cranks, it is for living human beings."  Faint creasing and mounting remnants to verso; overall fine.  4.25 x 6 inches (10.8 x 15.2 cm.). (834)

Signed Photograph
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